Extreme Ownership 101

The courses were also built to serve as a ready reference for participants to revisit to help in solving particular leadership challenges. The tabs in the Table of Contents allow quick access to specific topics to review and answer specific leadership challenges. Rapidly advancing from education to implementation, each course is structured into six training segments to solidify comprehension:

1. Combat Example: Pulled from our military experiences, see the origin of each leadership lesson and its impact on the battlefield.

2. Principle: Read exactly what this principle is and explore what it looks like in business or everyday life and the most common mistakes that are made with it.

3. Business Application: Learn how to apply it to real problems directly in your world with multiple business application examples and case studies that produce results in the real-world.

4. Role Play Demonstration: Using realistic examples from real-world challenges, engage in role play demonstrations to provide breakthrough insight into how to use each Extreme Ownership principle with your boss, your peers, the people who work for you, even at home with your family.

5. Application Exercises: Given a challenging leadership scenario, you are faced with a series of decisions to solve a problem. Choose right or choose wrong. Either way, you’ll receive immediate feedback, explanations of WHY to guide you to greater knowledge and understanding for direct application to your world.

6. Learning Check: A short quiz provides a final check of your understanding to help you lock the tools and techniques into your memory, where you can access them in real-time to solve your leadership challenges as they arise.

By methodically completing one course at a time, you will have an opportunity to focus on a specific principle and practice implementing the principle in your world.

Participants will learn how to:Build and maintain strong relationshipsWork cross-functionally to accomplish the missionCommunicate effectively up, down, and across the chain of commandSimplify plans and be more efficientPrioritize daily tasks as well as long-term strategic initiativesEmpower others to solve problems and leadSubordinate your ego in support of the broader missionAdapt to changing environmentsMake decisions amidst uncertainty and chaosTake ownership and solve problems, in business and in life

As your team trains week after week, the combined practical application of each skill helps you achieve your ultimate mission: to WIN.


The OODA Loop is an analytical decision-making tool. It’s an acronym that stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. This four-step process was developed by Colonel John Boyd, a fighter pilot in the 1950s. Colonel Boyd recognized that if he was going outperform the enemy who had better fighter jets, he had to improve his decision-making process. And he called that process the OODA Loop. 
This course explains that this process isn’t just four steps, and it’s not sequential. It’s a loop, and as you’re moving from step to step, you’re feeding information back to the beginning in a constant cycle. While this loop is occurring, you’re constantly gathering information, making decisions, taking actions, evaluating and adjusting those actions, with the end goal of constantly improving your advantage over your competition and getting better yourself over time. The OODA Loop is a tool for taking ownership of your environment. As a leader, you need to make decisions, and you need to take action.